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BAD CONTRACTOR – LRM Construction Co. License #818905

BAD CONTRACTOR - LRM Construction Co. License #818905

Hello. Welcome to the about section.
I’m generally opposed to all caps, but I needed the title to stand out in a google search. 🙂 This guy’s gonna get high impact advertising from me. He earned it.
Table of contents:
1. Description of Louis R. Marquez, State License # 818905
2. Description of unacceptable and unfavorable aspects of workmanship
3. Description of some other shady behaviors

1. Louis R. Marquez is a Latin man of unusually short stature. I’d approximate 5’3″. His spine, unfortunately, appears to be damaged, and he’s got a predisposition to have his torso kinked to the right side. His voice is unusually high pitched for an adult male. As of June 2015, he has two vehicles that I’m aware of. Both are fairly old but functional vehicles. One is a White contractor’s type truck with toolboxes on the left and right sides of the truck bed. The other is something like a Jeep Cherokee with wood-looking paneling, IE a ‘woodie’. Louis R. Marquez has, as of june 2015, an ACTIVE California State Contractor’s License of #818905. His business license expired earlier this year. The BBB website says that his license is active, but if you call in and ask about it, you’ll realize that their website is woefully out of date. I made this mistake. Louis R. Marquez is roughly 58 years old as of 2015.
There’s an inspector that inspects egress work (such as driveways) here in Sacramento County. She inspects culverts and asphalt driveways. She recommended Louis to me, and I ended up using Louis for a project other than the driveway because that project had a higher priority than the driveway. He confidently expressed that he could do this concrete job.

2. Unacceptable aspects of workmanship:
a)concrete forms were 1 foot too long despite multiple reminders that his 41 foot slab length figure was incorrect.
b) inadequate form height above aggregate base, leading to thinner than specified concrete
c) rebar placement was two feet from edge of slab instead of near the edge
d) rebar placement was in one direction only, despite a grid being required
e) aggregate base around the interior perimeter of slab was NOT compacted, leading to excessive settling and potential cracking and separation.

Unfavorable aspects of workmanship:
a) (this was done by his hirelings) concrete forms were more than 1 inch out of level
b) concrete forms had minimal bracing. far below NACHI recommendations
c) concrete stakes were fragile and didn’t penetrate the earth deeply. Louis did the materials purchasing

3. Other shady behaviors:
Lots of bullshit and excuses, including:
a) complaining about anchor bolt placement and wanting to diverge from the plans instructions, despite it being a fairly simple task to get on boards and install them while the concrete was flashing.
b) exclaiming frustration with not knowing L-bolt size (plans are always drawn to scale unless indicated otherwise…)
c) having me arrange and pay for and supervise the aggregate base deliveries
d) he bailed on the job prior to my issuing the complaint
e) failure to call engineer when question arose about rebar placement
f) numerous fallacious claims…
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