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The Pinellas agency that’s supposed to crack down on bad contractors is about to go broke

The Pinellas agency that’s supposed to crack down on bad contractors is about to go broke
LARGO –– Already saddled with controversy and a grand jury investigation, the latest budget projections paint a grim picture for the Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board: The agency will go broke in February. The independent agency, created by …
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Donald Trump As Bad Contractor
Most people who have lived through a renovation know the hallmark of a bad contractor. Those renovation survivors probably bristle at the words “two weeks.” Your completely gutted kitchen? It’ll be ready in two weeks. The nursery for your child due …
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The Latest: Contractor: Radiation too low to hurt health
(AP) — The Latest on a radiation alarm at a former plutonium production site in Washington state. (all times local): 1:30 p.m. A cleanup contractor says the release of radiation that triggered an alarm at a former plutonium production site in Washington …
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Crooked Roofing CONTRACTORS and SCAMS | Indiana | VERY expensive helper

Jhun VLOG # 2047 – November 14, 2015

*Roofing Scams, Don’t Get Fooled By Crooked Roofing Contractors
*Very expensive helper
*Indiana project


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Asphalt Repairs

The long, cold winter is heating up the asphalt business. Resealing crews are busy making repairs and getting driveways looking good again. This morning the Asphalt Rx team walked News 13’s Victoria Dunkle though the steps of resealing a driveway. Owner, Jason Calloway says it starts with clearing the driveway of debris and repairing any damage. Then they will spray on the coating and you will have a new layer of protection in place.

But the need for the resealing and repair also brings asphalt scams. They are some of the most prevalent home improvement scams. In almost every case the scammers come to your door saying they have some left over product from a nearby job. Calloway says to make sure they are local, get references, and ask where they get their supplies. More tips include get estimates, a written contract including the total cost, and never make the final payment until the job is finished. And remember y can always say no.

If you have more questions about maintaining your driveway call 828-665-8903.

By Victoria Dunkle
Follow Victoria on Twitter: @victoriadunkle
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My Top 4 Systems For Finding Reliable Contractors

In Today’s Systems Saturday John Cochran did a MAJOR test to find good quality contractors that show up on time and will work with your budget. In 2014 he had 17 ways to find contractors and the major testing reveals that only 4 will work REALLY well in 2015. Use these 4 Systems to find the rockstar contractors right in your own back yard

To Download the Contractor Interview Worksheet Click Below
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More information here on finding great contractors: https://investfourmore.com/2014/03/10/find-great-contractor-fix-home/

Finding a great contracting can be challenging. In this video I talk about some of my experiences with good and bad contractors. As well as how to keep good contractors doing a good job for you and how to keep tabs on your contractors.

You cannot hire a contractor and assume they will do an awesome job with no oversight. I complete 10 to 15 flips a year, have 16 rentals and contractors are a vital part of my business.
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Harvey Aberdein: Contractors beware of gig-economy ruling

Harvey Aberdein: Contractors beware of gig-economy ruling
… businesses who work with individual contractors on a regular basis or have a large group of contractors they consistently work with to carefully review their relationship to ensure they are satisfied with the contractor’s self-employment status.
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Football: Slough Borough Council to review “changing room management and contractor responsibilities” at Harvey Park
CHANGING room management and contractor responsibilities at Harvey Park will be reviewed by Slough Borough Council after a series of complaints. Frustrated users of the playing field in Tamar Way have lobbied the council into taking action over the unfit …
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Attkisson’s Feb 19 ‘Full Measure’ Investigates VA Contractor Accused of Cheating Veterans
Born in Iran, David Vatan attended medical school and came to live in the U.S. He got a job in California working for a VA contractor under Lockheed Martin: QTC Medical Services. Vatan’s job was to review medical files of Vietnam vets to see if they …
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