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How To: Find The Right Contractor

How To: Find The Right Contractor
… I can’t deny that one of the most difficult things a homeowner will have to do is hire a good contractor. Learning how to find the right contractor is more of an art than a science. When you tack on the added speciality of needing a contractor who …
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Good Contractor’s List Kicks Out “Bad Apple”
Exclusive: Paperwork Done, NFL Plans To Announce Ezekiel Elliott Ruling FridayThe league’s probe into Elliott’s behavior includes a pair of domestic violence accusations made against him in the last 18 months by a girlfriend. Sean Lee Leaves Practice As …
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How Can I Find (and Hire) A Good, Responsible Handyman?

How Can I Find (and Hire) A Good, Responsible Handyman?
The problem is, I’m out of my league. I’d love to hire a handyman or a contractor to help me out, but how do I go about finding one? How can I make sure they’re trustworthy and won’t do more damage than good? Advertisement Sincerely, Harried Homeowner Dear …
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7 was to spot a potentially bad contractor
So even if a contractor offers you a cheaper rate if you pay in cash, don’t take the deal. Too Many Subcontractors A good contractor will know how to use subcontractors wisely. For instance, if there’s a particularly tricky wiring job, it’s a good …
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8 Good Reasons to Become a Contractor
Contracting: it ain’t your grandpa’s job. No, really. There was a time, not that long ago, in which Americans would graduate from college, get a job, and stick with that job until retirement. As we all know, those days are long gone. But I still know a …
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What to Look for in a Good Contractor
“It’s the same way you would choose your friends, in a way,” says Zavitz. “You have to use your intuition.” If you’ve ever hired a contractor for any type of project, you’ll know that choosing the right person is the most important thing you can do to …
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How To Find A Good General Contractor

You will spend a huge amount of time with a contractor and put complete trust in him to do your home renovation or remodeling. How do you find the right contractor for your job? Get recommendations from friends, neighbors, even architects who have recently completed a construction or renovation project. Their experience will be a good indicator of what you can expect. Watch this Expert Real Estate TIps video for more ideas to get started on your home renovation project.
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